Professional & Phone Photographer Debbie Flynn

Professional Photographer Debbie Flynn combines skill with heart when she takes her photographs, with beautiful success.  So it was rather unsettling for her to find her talent didn’t translate to her phone camera.  Needles to say, she solved that problem. 

With a background as a healing practitioner as well as a professional photographer, Debbie explains how the feel, or mood, of a photo – the occasion, the subject, the place and time – all contribute to a photographer’s success.

In this episode Debbie shares some technical information but emphasizes how to approach the moment with the feel of the moment and the subject being captured.

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About the guest: Debbie Flynn

Hi, I’m Debbie Flynn. 

In my 30 years of professional design and photography experience, I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve photographed people, wildlife, nature and travel. I’ve taken portraits of everyone from loving families to the top executives of newly listed companies at the TSX and even photographed 2 of the only 3 women Westjet pilots, at the time, sitting in the cockpit of a brand new plane in the Westjet hanger.

I’ve been part of a women’s photography collective, femme foto, who had major exhibitions. I have 20 years experience as a healing practitioner and brought this to the portraits I created bringing out the essence of families and business people.  

Beyond taking photos, I’ve worked as a freelance magazine writer and corporate communication’s designer, a photography instructor at Vancouver Island University, and now I teach online, bringing the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered to people all over the world.  

More than anything , I understand how much these photos mean to you and your family, and the story they tell is the story closest to your heart. 


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