Savour Life with John Orian of Play at Creation

John Orian has a pretty impressive CV but, now that he’s “retired” (he calls it “rejuvenation”), he’s exploring our true purpose for being on Earth.  John has very interesting ideas that will certainly get you pondering many “Why”s.

His brand is Play At Creation – savour life experiences… and share that message with everybody else.

Once you’re retired, John invites (challenges?) you to Dream, Design and Create a venture that will make a profound difference in how much you savour life.

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About the guest: John Orian

John has decades of experience in Project Management and Strategic Planning for large organizations, he ran his own solo side gig serving operation within municipal givernment with custom built software, AND he taught at college and university.

John retired early knowing he’d have to re-engage to pay his way in retirement.

Eight years into retirement – he calls it ‘rejuvenation’ – he is now living what he preaches.  Play At Creation is his fun and meaningful venture.  Its purpose is to inspire, train and support retirees to truly savour life by creating their own fun and meaningful ventures.

He believes that operating your own venture is the best way to place yourself in the path of the kinds of experiences that are really important to you, the ones you’ve decided will make you happy. It’s the best way to have a life worth living.



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