Jaimie Sherling on Life After... With Cancer

While the subject of cancer can be a scary one, difficult to talk about, in this episode, Jaimie Sherling talks candidly about the diagnosis, her next steps and the life that grew out of it all.

Hair loss, double mastectomy, no reconstruction, survivor’s guilt, the fears of parents with younger children, and how her world came together with a community of drag queens.

The world of flat – no prosthetics… and how that led to clothing design.  As in beautiful complimentary clothes for a woman with a flat chest.

The importance of Self care – and that will look different for every woman out there.

Mantras of the day:  “You do you, sweets!” and “Screw that noise!”



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About the guest: Jaimie Sherling

Jaimie Sherling is a joy seeker, drag ambassador, and the founder/designer of YDY, Sweets—a clothing line created for her sister breast cancer survivors.

YDY, Sweets is an attitude. A lifestyle. The vision began with a breast cancer diagnosis. Founder Jaimie Sherling had a double mastectomy in June 2018. Frustrated with the lack of clothing to fit her new body shape, she reached out to her sister survivors and designed a line of clothing for us. YDY, Sweets Originals clothing line launched in September 2020. In September 2021, Jaimie’s memoir From Queens to QUEENS: How the Madison Drag Community Saved My Life was published.

She lives in Wisconsin with her two kids. When she’s not working at her day job or trying on piles of clothes at thrift stores, you can find her screaming YAASSSS surrounded by a bunch of queens.

Always remember, You Do You, Sweets.



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