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Jennifer Hammer may be an advocate for HomeSharing… it is her job after all… but she also embraces it as a lifestyle choice.

In this episode Jennifer explains that you need to go in with eyes wide open and, like any co-living situation (think family), there may a few bumps… but the benefits are numerous and the rewards are noticeable.

Like so many choices in life, if the concept is new to you or you’re not convinced, you can try co-housing for a short term interval.

Agnes and Jennifer covered just about every pro for the lifestyle choice, especially for Boomer Women.

You can find out more at Jennifer’s company website:  It’s American so may not help you to find a match, but it will answer so many questions you might have.  Then you can do a web search in your own country.

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About the guest: Jennifer Hammer

Jennifer, the director of strategic partnerships for Silvernest, is passionate about finding ways to help people stay in their homes, exploring options for affordable housing, and building relationships with communities and companies that support the aging population across the nation. Jennifer focuses on collaborating and partnering with nonprofit and government entities. Before joining Silvernest, Jennifer assisted people overwhelmed by hoarding, downsizing and/or moving out of their homes. She is a former 20-year Navy spouse and Ombudsman, a certified teacher and has experience in the mortgage industry. After her two children left for college, Jennifer began sharing her home with a housemate, giving her a very personal and unique understanding of the benefits and challenges of homesharing. Jennifer loves to bake, road bike, travel and be outdoors (preferably by the water!)




    It sounds like a very good idea. I know so many women who are alone & struggling with housing issues.

    • Agnes

      There are so many pluses, Jackie. I know amongst my friends, it’s just a matter of time until we are all in the same situation at the same time. Cost, companionship, safety, just a few of the great reasons! Thanks for listening!


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