Bob Levin on Internet Security

Bob Levin got his start in computers in 1973!  That’s called an early adopter.

In this episode he talks security: our computers, our email, the internet… and his mantra Back-up. Back-up. Back-up.  From passwords to patches, he explains why security is so important… and that it’s our responsibility!

He explains he has a course to help you upgrade that unsupported Windows 7 to Windows 10.  He made it free for you:

He recommends two password managers:  LastPass and Bitwarden, here are those links:

Back-up your computer and its files!!!  Bob recommended iDrive, here’s that link (full disclosure, at no extra cost to you Bob will make a very small stipend if you buy):

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About the guest: Bob Levin

Bob Levin started working on computers in 1973, when a computer took up walls of space, and he’s been at the forefront of everything corporations (and all of us) take for granted today: hardware, software, networking, internet.

After a career in corporate tech support, first traveling around with a big toolkit fixing almost anything and everything and then as a tech trainer, in 1998 Bob decided to start his own company.  He offered local consulting, keeping company computers running, working on servers and software, and web hosting.

More recently, he was part of a beta team testing a membership SAAS, and offered training to his followers.

Needless to say, he’s more than qualified to talk about computer security, password management, computer backups and cloud storage.




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