Sara Webb - Meditation Meets Neuroscience

Meditation is as much a part of Sara Webb’s life as eating and sleeping. In this episode Sara combines meditation information with neuroscience… hard to question neuroscience!

Neuroscience and so much more – Sara makes it sound so obvious you’ll question why you didn’t think of this yourself.

Interesting concept: Gratitude happens when something has already happened. So often we project into the future the event that will create our happiness… gratitude reflects on what’s already happened that is meaningful.

Sara gives some great insights into TM – Transcendental Meditation… in case you remember those long flowing robes of the ‘60s and ‘70s and TM being the domain of hippies and free love.  She also reminds us that TM is only one form of meditation.

So much more than meditation in this conversation.

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About the guest: Sara Webb

Sara Webb is an author, inspirational speaker, and meditation healer.

Her life mission is to inspire people to access the power within themselves by teaching pocket-sized meditation techniques to improve daily happiness so people can bring the best versions of themselves to their own lives.


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