Lynn Cherry Talks Pickleball

Lynn Cherry found Pickleball only a few years ago, but she is hooked… to the point that she has a Pickleball podcast and a magazine.

In this episode, Lynn explains the origins of Pickleball, why it’s so popular… amongst all age groups.  The game is slow enough and strategic enough to be both agreeable with and challenging for older adults, but also can be played to a more aggressive level that stimulates fitter, more competitive athletes.  There are Pro level competitions for both types of player.

Lynn’s enthusiasm is contagious and her explanations are persuasive enough that you’ll want to give it a try.

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About the guest: Lynn Cherry

Lynn Cherry has always enjoyed sports.  In fact, she loved sports so much she studied them in college and received two graduate degrees related to them.  One was a Master’s degree in Physical Education and the second was a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology.

Lynn says the great thing about Pickleball is learning something each time she plays or watches a video.  This may be from discussing a strategy with a partner, noticing how higher level players hit dinks, or practicing serves on her own.  She suggests she may never be a pro player at this age, she can share her experiences as she improve so others can learn too.

Lynn’s podcast Pickleball Fire brings together the best in instruction, clinics, tournaments and products.