Kathy White Discusses The Joint Renewal System

Kathy White found yoga in her 20s, and there’s been no looking back.  Kathy shares a lot of info in this episode… as well as sharing how her yoga practice was vital to so many parts of her life. 

And then she turned 50.

Yoga became difficult at a time when life changes were on the horizon. A trip abroad led Kathy back to yoga with, as she says “wild abandon”!

Which led to the series of events that resulted in Kathy creating her Joint Renewal System™

If you or someone you know is a) getting older or b) experiencing joint discomfort, you’ll want to listen to Kathy.  An aside: prepare to laugh as Kathy and Agnes share more than a few chuckles!

Oh, and don’t let Kathy hear you say you can’t do yoga because you’re not flexible!  She’ll tell you it isn’t about flexibility, it’s about healthy joints.


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About the guest: Kathy White

Kathy White developed her Joint Renewal System(TM) when she turned 50, and despite teaching yoga for over 20 years, her joints were aching, her menopausal symptoms were raging, and she was not gaining any benefit from her practice any more.

 She retrained in the Kaiut method and has now refined it into a jointful yoga for active men and women over 50 who want to keep on doing the sports and activities they love.  It’s kind of like adding WD40 to your joints!  

Kathy offers a unique and mindful approach to body and mind that rejuvenates the body, calms the nervous system and  builds strength and vitality as people age.