Cathy Jean-Francois

Cathy Jean-Francois had had a long relationship with her unhappiness before she received a diagnosis of depression in her late 20s.  It took many more years before she recognized what had catapulted her, as a young child, into her roller coaster emotions. Like so many other health issues, you get help when you have medical coverage and when you don’t have coverage, you don’t get help.  Such was Cathy’s story.

It makes sense that an English teacher would write stories… Cathy explains that while it’s something she’s always done, it’s also been a lifeline, it’s been therapeutic, and perhaps, now, she could be helping someone else.

An honest, candid chat with the author of Cathy’s Cross: A Depressive’s Positive Perspective.

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About the guest: Cathy Jean-Francois

Cathy Jean-Francois is a high school English teacher, but her first love and passion is writing.

She’s created several blogs over the years, but most recently and much more importantly,  she started a new blogging platform where she discusses ideas that have resonated with her, helping her to keep a positive perspective on life despite suffering with depression.

It’s all about her desire to keep a positive mindset to achieve her own form of happiness. She truly believes this will help many depressives who struggle alone.