Veronica Williams on Grief, Marriage & Finding Purpose

Boomers have experienced some form of grief by this age.  When great grief and great joy arrive on the same day, Veronica learns there is no instruction book, so she relies on her faith and her family to help her.  They are what helped her find meaning in the grief.

Her insights are an example of moving through sorrow and “Accept the help” is her go-to advice.

Veronica shares tips on revitalizing a tired marriage: communication, honesty and authenticity; and the difference between sex and intimacy.

Nugget: your empowerment won’t be persons, places or things.

Last word for Boomer Women: Love yourself first.

Stay tuned for the name game laugh at the end!


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About the guest: Veronica Williams

Veronica uses her experience as a master certified life coach, keynote speaker, and certified facilitator to provide clients with expertise in the areas of relationships, empowerment, and purpose. She has been involved in life coaching for many years and her experience has helped influence women and strengthen couples throughout the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. She is also a licensed minister and has been a part of community leadership and relationship building the greater part of her life, so it was natural to find a way to utilize her gifts and knowledge to encourage individuals where ever they are in their journey.  Additionally, she coaches military wives as the spouse of a veteran, helping women maneuver through the challenges that come with a military lifestyle. Her life has not been easy, but it has been fulfilling and she has learned that “your misery produces your ministry.”  It is also important to place the right type of people in your life that will make positive impacts on you, instead of negative withdrawals from you.



  1. D.W.

    Very good episode with lots of helpful information.

    • Agnes

      So glad you enjoyed, D.W. Thanks for listening, and commenting!


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