Sue Thomas - The Sugar Free Coach

Nothing like having a health issue to make you sit up and take notice of how unhealthy your lifestyle has become.  And of course when you clean up your act you may as well become certified as a nutritional therapist so you can teach others.

“Consistent and Persistent” is Sue Thomas’ mantra.  She will assure you that when you feel like  giving up your quest to reduce your sugars at day 5-6, if you stick with it, by day 8-10 you’ve come out the other side of the “it’s so difficult” slump. 

In this episode you’ll get a lesson in physiology – your digestive system – in such an understandable way! You’ll also get a lesson in sugar intake, hormones and menopause!  And how to read nutrition labels! 

Sue offers great tips on quick starting your sugar reduced lifestyle and reminds us there is no one-size fits all. 

Quotables: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”  “Balance your blood sugars  – nourish your body.”

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About the guest: Sue Thomas

In her 40s, Sue was struck down by an infection that required prolonged doses of antibiotics.  Fast forward 3 years and the usually healthy Sue was struggling. Her digestive system was unhappy, her hormones were out of balance and she was having to sleep in the afternoon to have enough energy for her clients and her family!

Sue now takes women from sugar cravings to control to improve mental clarity, create better sleep and feel more confident in their clothes.

She is a nutritional therapist and wellness coach running 21 day and 8 week group programmes providing community support, accountability and most importantly education around sugar and the impact it has in the body.


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