Sheryl Carroll on Hormones and Menopause Health

From a banking career to integrative health coach.  From fanatical exercise to healthy moderation.  Sheryl’s journey has had its ups and downs.

Sheryl shares so much info in this episode… some will be too late for us Boomers, but many of us have daughters!  Sheryl’s HRT info is up-to-date, and she goes into detail, with interesting insights for our daughters and for us.

What age do you want to live to? Sheryl has a novel idea: reverse engineer your life from that date!  And… beware the self-fulfilling prophecy when you talk about feeling old or getting forgetful.

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About the guest: Sheryl Carroll

Sheryl Carroll is an ex-banking professional turned Integrative Health Practitioner and Health Coach.

She is passionate about supporting women in perimenopause and menopause to live with radiant energy and feel strong and sexy in both body and mind. She runs 1:1 and group coaching programs to help women achieve this goal.  

She will help listeners to understand the hormonal shifts in the second half of life and what changes they need to make to look and feel their best!