Sex & Relationship Therapist Liz Dube

Fun. Relaxed. Informative. 

Those are the terms that come to mind to describe a great conversation with Sex & Relationship Therapist Liz Dube.

Yes, we’re older.  Yes, body parts may not be as pretty (or perky) as they used to be. Yes, desire might be a little elusive as we get older.

Here’s a novel thought: it’s not just us women!  Older men, our older partners, may well be feeling many of the insecurities/hesitations that we women are.

Communication. Outercourse. Honesty. Fun.  Embrace those ideas and a vibrant sex life may be yours again… or yours for the first time ever!

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About the guest: Liz Dube

Liz Dube (sounds like Doobay), a Certified Sex Therapist, Coach and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, loves working with people who want to better understand themselves sexually and feel sexually empowered. She’s helped thousands of men, women, and couples feeling stuck sexually and is working her ass off to save the world one bedroom at a time.
Through her use of humor, modeling healthy sexuality, and normalizing all sexual experiences and desires, she helps others break through sexual shame and barriers  – from sexual trauma, sex after pregnancy, unsatisfying sex, performance anxiety, or confusion about low sexual desire.

Her compassionate yet no bullshit approach empowers, engages, and encourages others to start creating the sex lives they deserve!


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