Sarah Boyles - The Women's Bladder Doctor

There are two main types of bladder leakage for women – stress incontinence and overactive bladder.

Did you know you can drink too much water?  Did you know bladder leakage is common amongst athletes? 

In this episode you’ll learn what health issues can make bladder leakage more common; you’ll learn about interesting interventions and procedures… and of course, exercises. Have you heard about pelvic organ prolapse?

Bottom line: you may be embarrassed, you don’t want anyone to know… but talk about it… then you can talk about solutions, or incontinence products – normalize it!

Stay tuned for a lesson in Botox you’ve never thought of.

And think of the freedom and self-esteem improvements that come with solutions for leakage.

Such a common issue for women (yes! it is!)

(A couple of tech glitches with Sarah’s mic, apologies!)

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About the guest: Dr. Sarah Boyles

Dr. Sarah Boyles is a physician who specializes in female pelvic floor health. 

She has spent her entire professional care focusing on these issues and treating women with pelvic floor issues. Bladder leaking may not seem like a serious health concern but it makes life so much less enjoyable! All those little leaks can add up to decreased fitness, lack of self-esteem, relationship issues, and even depression and anxiety. 

She knows you DON’T want to talk about these issues but let her show you how to make it all better! 

Sarah really enjoys her work. She’s helped more than 5,000 women find a solution for bladder issues that works for them. 

That solution is tailored to the person and can range from finding the right pads to a surgical cure. Andrew Carnegie said, “My heart is in the work” and that is true for her!