Pam Drzewiecki of Powerful Purpose

So much discussion about all the things woman say to themselves… and believe about themselves… and the older we get the more there is in our histories.

But “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative” is the theme running through this conversation with Pam Drzewiecki, who encourages us to find not only a good friend but a ‘strategic thinking partner’.  We don’t need anyone to remind us of our short-comings because no one can be harder on us than we are ourselves.

Pam’s whole mid-life identity and mission in communicating with other women is summed up in the name of her website “Powerful Purpose”! and the Purpose Den is the she-lair for those women to be honest and supported, no judgements allowed. 

And then there are Pam’s “Pillars”.  Which pillar are you under? Pause Discover Design or Propel?

If that’s not enough, make sure you listen to Pam’s “Fill The Purse With Purpose” project.


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About the guest: Pam Drzewiecki

Pam Drzewiecki is a Life Coach and Strategic Thinking Partner. As the founder of Powerful Purpose and the Purpose Den – She can provide women ready to erase the casualties of nonstop living and create a life they thrive in through her coaching and community. The Powerful Purpose Pillars of transformation are Pause, Discover, Design, and Propel, allowing women to thrive where they are currently. Not someday!

She has over 30 years of experience in the business world, from pool secretary to Chief Operating Officer of an insurance firm to then starting her own coaching practice has provided her with the knowledge and skills to help women develop their inner leaders, especially during trigger moments in their lives. Her proficiency in time and task management, her own life stories, and being a Certified DiSC Analyst creates a perfect knowledge balance for her clients to achieve their greatness with confidence and no guilt.

Her most famous #nugget is to “live your life with purpose and not driven by circumstance,” which is the foundation of her mission and the basis of her book #Nugget 28 Days to Self-Discovery. Pam is a mom, wife, and woman of faith; these “hats” are truly important to her, but infusing thriving activities for her soul is what allows her to live her best life. She also is an advocate for local charities and runs her own giveback, “Fill the Purse with Purpose,” which allows her to continue to spread the word about how infusing self-care and self-love is a selfless act.