International Adoption Mom Anna Maria DiDio

Anna Maria DiDio is an international adoption mom whose best intentions and plans couldn’t have prepared her fully for the challenges of a cross-border adoption.

When we think of international adoptions, we often picture a waif of a child who is unloved and under-nourished with haunting and haunted eyes.  That’s not necessarily the case as today’s guest found when she and her husband adopted a young child from Mexico.

In this episode Anna Maria is candid about the challenges faced by her, her husband, their biological daughter and their adopted daughter as they worked to create a family and find their path forward as a family.  Anna Maria’s chronicles were adapted into a book Love at the Border, An Adoption Adventure that will reassure other adopting families that their struggles are not unusual, and that they will come out the other end.  Anna Maria also writes children’s books which feature stories about adoption, foster care, stepchildren, and all blended families from the point of view of the child.

As grandparents we Boomers can play as important a role in the lives of adopted children as we do in the lives of our biological grands.

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About the guest: Anna Maria DiDio

Anna Maria DiDio, MSW is an adoptive mother and was inspired to write her memoir, Love at the Border, An Adoption Adventure after her own family journey to Mexico.  Now her L.I.F.E.* Adventures children’s books feature stories about adoption, foster care, stepchildren, and all blended families from the point of view of the child. Anna Maria hopes that her books encourage open and honest exploration about what children are thinking and feeling within their own unique family. Anna Maria holds a BA in Psychology from Villanova University and an MSW in Family Specialization from the University of Pennsylvania.  Anna Maria’s professional career includes work as an HR consultant, coaching senior leaders across many industries and serving as a trusted advisor on all human capital matters. Her areas of expertise include: Executive Coaching, Facilitation/Mediation, Employee Relations, Performance Management and Leadership Development. She is also a past president of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) – Philadelphia Chapter, a certified Senior HR Professional (SPHR), and a Certified Benefits Specialist (CEBS). Anna Maria is currently active in several non-profit organizations including president of Women International Leaders (WIL) of Greater Philadelphia, providing microfinance loans and grants to women living in poverty, and Impact100 which provides grants to the Philadelphia nonprofit community. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Richard.

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