Glenna Mageau on Capturing Our Elders' Stories

I am Glenna Mageau. I am a multi-award-winning author, and speaker. I write page turning suspense/thrillers (Maggie Thom) and heart-touching, humorous nonfiction (Glenna Mageau). I have interviewed many elderly about their lives and their stories. I am truly inspired by their journeys, their knowledge, their wisdom and believe that we all need to start these conversations so that their journeys can be told and preserved.

My 2 latest books—Do You Know Your Mom’s Story? 365 Questions You Need to Ask Her, and Do You Know Your Dad’s Story? The Unasked Questions. —are a way to get conversations started between Moms, Dads and adult children. Too often as their children, we forget to ask Mom and Dad about their lives, what they wanted in life, what it was really like growing up in the time they did—what were the beliefs, habits, expectations and how did that shape their lives.

These books are a way to get Mom and Dad to share their journey and their life, especially if they are elderly and a way to preserve their journey. Understanding your parents’ journey will help you to understand them in a whole new light, communicate easier and go into old age with a different mindset.

Age with understanding, dignity and respect.

Getting to know and understand your mom and dad will be the best gift you can give them and give yourself.

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About the guest: Glenna Mageau

After Glenna Mageau gotto know her mother’s story and her journey, she started to interview women who, back in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, had stepped outside the norm—they worked or got educated. These women had lead dynamic and life changing lives… for all the women who came after them. They opened doors for women. She was so inspired by these women but also realized that many did not see their lives as all that special or that they’d done anything really all that important.

She was shocked. But women are very humble and just do what needs to be done. And especially many women who are in their 70’s or older.

She truly believes that it’s important that we all learn to reframe our past so that we see it as positive and a great learning experience, and to understand that we do what we know with what we have. The more we can shift to see the positive, happier and healthier we will be.


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