Franne Golde on Paul's Early Onset Alzheimer's

An amazing marriage and great success in the music industry could not protect Franne Golde and her family from the diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s that was claiming her husband, Paul.

In this episode, Franne shares the beginnings, the pain, the joys, the love that follows their journey.  Heart-warming, heart-wrenching, heart-felt… Franne opens her heart to describe the ups and downs and ins and outs of Paul’s early onset Alzheimer’s… and then, of course, along came covid.

If you’re on a similar journey to Franne and her family, you’ll identify with so much of this conversation.  If you’re just beginning the journey, you need to listen so you understand there is joy, there are supports, and maybe start defining what “self-care” means to you before you’re too tired to figure it out.


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About the guest: Franne Golde

Franne Golde originally made a name for herself writing hit songs like Whitney Houston’s “I Belong to You,” Diana Ross’ “Gettin’ Ready For Love,” and Selena’s “Dreaming of You.” After years in the entertainment industry, Franne decided to continue her journey of creativity, but apply it to a new industry. Having always had a passion for fashion, she launched the fashion brand Franne Golde five years ago with the goal of empowering women to feel their most confident and comfortable.

Franne started with a mission to find the perfect pair of black pants, and did just that by creating The Original Classic Magic Pants, a name coined by Oprah’s own style guru. Franne has expanded the line and now offers tops, wraps, accessories, loungewear, dresses, and more. Franne created a line that would be flattering for all women, with both casual and chic pieces and styles that suit every body type!

Philanthropy is also important to Franne and this new venture has allowed her to combine the two as the brand frequently donates to charitable causes, including Alzheimer’s awareness associations, a cause near and dear to Franne.

The article that Franne wrote for Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper can be found at

If you want to enjoy the side conversations, check out The Magic Pant at, Oprah’s naming ceremony at and Music Mends Minds at

Franne refers to a great, helpful book, Creating Moments of Joy:



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Franne and Paul

Franne Golde of The Magic Pant fame!