Fran Pitre on Pursuing a Dream

We all have dreams… or had dreams… that got put on a back burner because life happened.

Today Fran Pitre talks about how she put a former dream back on the stove and cranked the heat!

Apparently raising three sets of twins, running a home and having two careers wasn’t enough because her former life as “the singer in the band” wouldn’t stop itching her.

Hear her story and listen to her tips about pursuing that dream, not letting it fizzle out.  To try, and possibly pivot, is better than always wondering “what if”.  The opposite of success is not necessarily failure.

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About the guest: Fran Pitre

Fran and her husband Bruce have twin daughters (26) who have graduated from college and are now adults, a middle set of twins, boy and girl (21) who are in their 3rd year of college, and twin boys who are 13. They’ve been through (AND SURVIVED) so much over the last 26 years, and Fran says it’s an honor to share her experiences and advice with you!

She wrote a book called TWINS x 3 in 2010. It began as the therapeutic process of journal-writing and at a certain point after her 3rd set of twins were born, it occurred to her that a book was being born, too. She’s just finished updating her book, adding what’s happened in the last 10 years since the first release of the book.

And since she’s not busy enough with her family and career as a graphic designer, she also re-entered the music industry. Fran had performed as a rock band vocalist in the suburban Washington DC area for several years prior to having her first set of twins, and the time was right to jump back in five years ago.

She released her first album of original music in November 2018, lyrics that she wrote and music that she co-wrote and produced with a very talented musician, composer, arranger friend, Kenny Levine, in Jacksonville, Florida. Kenny and Fran released their second album of original music in November of 2020 and they’re currently working on their third album!



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