Eric Gaddy - The Live Free Retirement Advisor

Eric Gaddy had an interesting childhood made him understand that no one knows when today will be their last day.

He bought into the standard North American lifestyle “bill of goods” before realizing people close to him were dying well before “retirement age”.

Hopefully you’ll appreciate Eric’s definition of retirement: whatever you want it to mean…   or be.  “Don’t postpone Joy” is his bumper sticker of choice.  His theory: people regret not creating more memories.

Eric shares his ideas around “simplifying” – real food for thought; and he discusses the steps to planning for retirement – at any age. He talks about motor homes, tiny houses, off-grid – be careful, he might have you convinced by the time he’s done!!

Nobody cares more about your money than you do… so have a relationship with your finances.

Eric mentions his FaceBook group – pay attention, and go join – it’s worth it.

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About the guest: Eric Gaddy

Eric Gaddy has been a fiduciary financial advisor since 1993 and is the author of the book “Retire Early: What are you waiting for?” He also is the admin and creator of the Facebook Group “Retirement Made Simple” and the President of Live Free Retirement Advisor. 

Eric is a virtual financial advisor, who up until the end of 2020, spent the past 25 years in Asheville NC.  He enjoys traveling with his longtime life partner Deb and spending time with his children, Kate and Frank.