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Agnes Wraps Up 2022

29 December 2022

Season 3 wraps up today.  But there’s lots of great things to come.

Today Agnes reviews all the woderful guests that spoke to us in 2022.  2023 holds some great new developments though so listen up!

Best wishes for the coming year.

Jennifer Conroyd

The Most Listened To Episode of 2022

Jennifer Conroyd is the founder of Fluid Running, a deep water running fitness company. She is an Ironman and has completed 16 marathons including the Boston Marathon.

Jennifer created Fluid Running after an injury left her unable to run in preparation for the 2010 Chicago Marathon. She ran exclusively in the deep water for the six weeks leading up to the race and not only finished that marathon but qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Fluid Running offers group classes that Men’s Journal voted one of the Best Workouts in America. Jennifer’s company recently launched the Fluid Running app-based system. It is the only one of its kind and allows anyone to do this workout anywhere in the world.

Jennifer is a certified A.C.E. personal trainer, Aquatic Exercise Association instructor and a USATF trained coach. Additionally, she holds an Exercise Is Medicine credential with the American College of Sports Medicine and is certified by Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Jennifer is a graduate of Miami University. She was named a finalist for the 2018 Women in Tech Founders award


Sue Thomas

Guest: 15 December 2022

When she was in her 40s, Sue Thomas was struck down by an infection that required prolonged doses of antibiotics.  Fast forward 3 years and the usually healthy Sue was struggling.  Her digestive system was unhappy, her hormones were out of balance and Ihe was having to sleep in the afternoon to have enough energy for her clients and her family!

Sue now takex women from sugar cravings to control to improve mental clarity, create better sleep and feel more confident in their clothes.

She is now a nutritional therapist and wellness coach running 21 day and 8 week group programmes providing community support, accountability and most importantly education around sugar and the impact it has in the body.


Kathleen Donnelly Israel

Guest: 08 December 2022

Kathleen Donnelly Israel was born in 1949 in San Diego, California where she has lived her whole life. Ron and Kathleen Israel raised their five children in Lakeside, San Diego County. They were a Team Couple for Worldwide Marriage Encounter in the 70s and 80s.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from San Diego State University. She studied Expressive Arts Therapy at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. She is a certified Transformational Breathing Facilitator, Theta Healer, and has enjoyed a lifetime of walking, hiking, and running.

Kathleen cared for her husband for the 17 years that he had Parkinson’s disease until he died in 2018. During this time, she studied spiritual healing from many enlightened thought leaders and teachers. She developed some Spiritual philosophies and shared them with those she met on the Camino Frances from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Santiago, Spain. Kathleen had great adventures and shared this all in a book, Wisdom on the Camino. At 72 years old, last year she walked the Camino Portugese from Lisbon to Santiago and on to Fisterra.

Dr. Sarah Boyles

Guest: 01 December 2022

Dr. Sarah Boyles is a physician who specializes in female pelvic floor health. 

She has spent her entire professional care focusing on these issues and treating women with pelvic floor issues. Bladder leaking may not seem like a serious health concern but it makes life so much less enjoyable! All those little leaks can add up to decreased fitness, lack of self-esteem, relationship issues, and even depression and anxiety. 

She knows you DON’T want to talk about these issues but let her show you how to make it all better! 

Sarah really enjoys her work. She’s helped more than 5,000 women find a solution for bladder issues that works for them. 

That solution is tailored to the person and can range from finding the right pads to a surgical cure. Andrew Carnegie said, “My heart is in the work” and that is true for her!

Justin Smith

Guest: 24 November 2022

Justin helps executives and successful professionals in their 50’s and 60’s, who are at a career crossroads, plan for their next chapter. Whether they wish to stay in the corporate arena, retire, or blur the lines in pursuit of the best of both worlds- he helps them explore what’s possible, create a plan, and minimize taxes in the process.

Justin earned a bachelor of business administration degree with a concentration in finance from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and has earned the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® (CAP®) and the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designations. He is a frequent speaker on the topics of Victory Lap Retirement and tax-smart retirement planning.


Juni Bucher

Guest: 17 November 2022

After witnessing the power of nutrition in her own health battles with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Breast Cancer, Juni decided to follow her passion and became certified in Nutritional Therapy so she could assist others in finding joy in their bodies again. She also completed formal meditation education and certification through Unplug meditation studio to further assist clients and believes that mindfulness is a key ingredient in all health journeys.

By taking a holistic approach to health, Juni utilizes nutrition, supplementation, and stress management assessments to determine where to prioritize efforts. She then works collaboratively with her clients to create a wellness plan that will create more ease in their lives so that they see long-lasting results.

As we nurture the body’s instinctual desire to thrive, we create habits that are easy to stick with because we experience the benefits consistently and they perpetuate further success.

Juni specializes in mid-life hormone balance, breast cancer treatment support, and survivorship.  She is also the host of the podcast, Tata, Cancer! which focuses on all aspects of healing after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Cathy Jean-Francois

Guest: 10 November 2022

Cathy Jean-Francois is a high school English teacher, but her first love and passion is writing.

She’s created several blogs over the years, but most recently and much more importantly,  she started a new blogging platform where she discusses ideas that have resonated with her, helping her to keep a positive perspective on life despite suffering with depression.

It’s all about her desire to keep a positive mindset to achieve her own form of happiness. She truly believes this will help many depressives who struggle alone.

Lynn Cherry

Guest: 03 November 2022

Lynn Cherry is a relative newcomer to Pickleball but not to sports – she’s always enjoyed sports.  In fact, she loved sports so much she studied them in college and received two graduate degrees related to them.  One was a Master’s degree in Physical Education and the second was a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology.

Lynn says the great thing about Pickleball is learning something each time she plays or watches a video.  This may be from discussing a strategy with a partner, noticing how higher level players hit dinks, or practicing serves on her own.  She suggests she may never be a pro player at this age, she can share her experiences as she improves so others can learn too.

Lynn’s podcast Pickleball Fire brings together the best in instruction, clinics, tournaments and products.


Louisa Hext

Guest: 27 October 2022

Louisa Hext is a skilled and experienced mediator, coach, speaker, and consultant. She partners with her clients to explore forgiveness, reconciliation, and conflict resolution, and ways she can support her clients to create positive change in their lives.

Louisa is the North American coordinator for the traveling photographic exhibition, The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness (a program of The Forgiveness Project a London, UK based non-profit). She serves on The Charter for Compassion’s Global Team and is the lead organizer for the Restorative Justice sector

Sheryl Carroll

Guest: 20 October 2022

Sheryl Carroll is an ex-banking professional turned Integrative Health Practitioner and Health Coach.

She is passionate about supporting women in perimenopause and menopause to live with radiant energy and feel strong and sexy in both body and mind. She runs 1:1 and group coaching programs to help women achieve this goal.  

She will help listeners to understand the hormonal shifts in the second half of life and what changes they need to make to look and feel their best!

Sara Webb

Guest:  13 October 2022

Sara Webb is an author, inspirational speaker, and meditation healer.

Her life mission is to inspire people to access the power within themselves by teaching pocket-sized meditation techniques to improve daily happiness so people can bring the best versions of themselves to their own lives.

Eric Gaddy

Guest: 06 October 2022

Eric Gaddy has been a fiduciary financial advisor since 1993 and is the author of the book “Retire Early: What are you waiting for?”

He also is the admin and creator of the Facebook Group “Retirement Made Simple” and the President of Live Free Retirement Advisor. 

Eric is a virtual financial advisor, who up until the end of 2020, spent the past 25 years in Asheville NC. 

He enjoys traveling with his longtime life partner Deb and spending time with his children, Kate and Frank.


Kathy White

Guest: 29 September 2022

Kathy White developed her Joint Renewal System(TM) when she turned 50 when, despite teaching yoga for over 20 years, her joints were aching, her menopausal symptoms were raging, and she was not gaining any benefit from her practice any more.  

She retrained in the Kaiut method and has now refined it into a jointful yoga for active women and men over 50 who want to keep on doing the sports and activities they love.  It’s kind of like adding WD40 to your joints!  

Kathy offers a unique and mindful approach to body and mind that rejuvenates the body, calms the nervous system and  builds strength and vitality as people age.

Veronica Williams

Guest:  22 September 2022

Veronica uses her experience as a master certified life coach, keynote speaker, and certified facilitator to provide clients with expertise in the areas of relationships, empowerment, and purpose.

She has been involved in life coaching for many years and her experience has helped influenced women and strengthened couples throughout the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. She is also a licensed minister and has been a part of community leadership and relationship building the greater part of her life, so it was natural to find a way to utilize her gifts and knowledge to encourage individuals where ever they are in their journey.  Additionally, she coaches military wives as the spouse of a veteran, helping women maneuver through the challenges that come with a military lifestyle.

Her life has not been easy, but it has been fulfilling and she has learned that “your misery produces your ministry.”  It is also important to place the right type of people in your life that will make positive impacts on you, instead of negative withdrawals from you.

Pam Drzewiecki

Guest: 15 September 2022

Pam Drzewiecki is a Life Coach and Strategic Thinking Partner. As the founder of Powerful Purpose and the Purpose Den – She can provide women ready to erase the casualties of nonstop living and create a life they thrive in through her coaching and community. The Powerful Purpose Pillars of transformation are Pause, Discover, Design, and Propel, allowing women to thrive where they are currently. Not someday!

She has over 30 years of experience in the business world, from pool secretary to Chief Operating Officer of an insurance firm to then starting her own coaching practice has provided her with the knowledge and skills to help women develop their inner leaders, especially during trigger moments in their lives. Her proficiency in time and task management, her own life stories, and being a Certified DiSC Analyst creates a perfect knowledge balance for her clients to achieve their greatness with confidence and no guilt.

Her most famous #nugget is to “live your life with purpose and not driven by circumstance,” which is the foundation of her mission and the basis of her book #Nugget 28 Days to Self-Discovery. Pam is a mom, wife, and woman of faith; these “hats” are truly important to her, but infusing thriving activities for her soul is what allows her to live her best life. She also is an advocate for local charities and runs her own giveback, “Fill the Purse with Purpose,” which allows her to continue to spread the word about how infusing self-care and self-love is a selfless act.


Chris Odegard

Guest: 07 September 2022

Chris Odegard is The Prolific Investor. Chris is an average guy who had a white-collar job in the corporate world and followed the only thing he knew for decades, conventional wisdom and conventional investments.

This worked relatively well until 2009, when he experienced an illiquidity event where he lost 55% of his assets and thousands of dollars per month in cash flow. Then, Chris read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, and his mind was opened to a different type of investing, investing in real assets and private deals mostly insulated from the volatility, risk, and taxation of the stock market.

In just nine years, Chris recouped the 55% he had lost and multiplied it many times over and now shares his experience and knowledge with you through his book Get off Your A$$ and Manage Your Money: Why You Need Alternative Investments and his alternative investment blog at TheProlificInvestor.net.

Meirav Zur

Guest:  25 August 2022

Meirav Zur was born and raised in the U.S., studied theater and education at Georgia State University.  In 2005, she founded the English-language professional traveling theater in Israel, English On Stage, subsequently writing, directing, and acting in its various original productions, as well as coaching unique theater workshops and classes for children and adults.

Professionally, Meirav enjoys creating stage productions and making people laugh.

Zur’s latest production, Inconceivable: The Totally True One‑Woman Semi‑Fertile Quasi‑”Musical”, is her biographical comedy about infertility.  This award-winning solo show has been performed on international stages large and small, using humor to smash the taboo of infertility. 


Franne Golde

Guest: 18 August 2022

Franne Golde originally made a name for herself writing hit songs like Whitney Houston’s “I Belong to You,” Diana Ross’ “Gettin’ Ready For Love,” and Selena’s “Dreaming of You.” After years in the entertainment industry, Franne decided to continue her journey of creativity, but apply it to a new industry. Having always had a passion for fashion, she launched the fashion brand Franne Golde five years ago with the goal of empowering women to feel their most confident and comfortable. 

Franne started with a mission to find the perfect pair of black pants, and did just that by creating The Original Classic Magic Pants, a name coined by Oprah’s own style guru. Franne has expanded the line and now offers tops, wraps, accessories, loungewear, dresses, and more. Franne created a line that would be flattering for all women, with both casual and chic pieces and styles that suit every body type! 

Philanthropy is also important to Franne and this new venture has allowed her to combine the two as the brand frequently donates to charitable causes, including Alzheimer’s awareness associations, a cause near and dear to Franne.


Jaimie Sherling

Guest: 10 August 2022

Jaimie Sherling is a joy seeker, drag ambassador, and the founder/designer of YDY, Sweets—a clothing line created for her sister breast cancer survivors.

YDY, Sweets is an attitude. A lifestyle. The vision began with a breast cancer diagnosis. Founder Jaimie Sherling had a double mastectomy in June 2018. Frustrated with the lack of clothing to fit her new body shape, she reached out to her sister survivors and designed a line of clothing for us. YDY, Sweets Originals clothing line launched in September 2020. In September 2021, Jaimie’s memoir From Queens to QUEENS: How the Madison Drag Community Saved My Life was published. 

She lives in Wisconsin with her two kids. When she’s not working at her day job or trying on piles of clothes at thrift stores, you can find her screaming YAASSSS surrounded by a bunch of queens.

Always remember, You Do You, Sweets.

Jennifer Conroyd

Guest:  03 August 2022

Jennifer Conroyd is the founder of Fluid Running, a deep water running fitness company. She is an Ironman and has completed 16 marathons including the Boston Marathon.

Jennifer created Fluid Running after an injury left her unable to run in preparation for the 2010 Chicago Marathon. She ran exclusively in the deep water for the six weeks leading up to the race and not only finished that marathon but qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Fluid Running offers group classes that Men’s Journal voted one of the Best Workouts in America. Jennifer’s company recently launched the Fluid Running app-based system. It is the only one of its kind and allows anyone to do this workout anywhere in the world.

Jennifer is a certified A.C.E. personal trainer, Aquatic Exercise Association instructor and a USATF trained coach. Additionally, she holds an Exercise Is Medicine credential with the American College of Sports Medicine and is certified by Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Jennifer is a graduate of Miami University. She was named a finalist for the 2018 Women in Tech Founders award


Myles Wakeham

Guest: 27 July 2022

Myles is atypical and yet successful.  He is a millionaire, having had that status (and lost it) 3 times in his life.  Today his final success has led him to tell his story through his appearances on dozens of media outlets and through hosting his podcast “The Unconstrined Podcast”.

Origianlly from Adelaide, Australia, Myles began his career as a software developer in the late 1970s, having never even graduated high school.  After success in his field, he moved to the USA at the age of 24, with nothing more than a bag of clothes and left a millionaire.

Myles rejects the social norms of education, 9-5 job, and retirement outright and shows though his methods that one can live a financially stable life regardless of background, geography or education.  His approach to being a contrarian shows that going against the herd can pay off.



Taru Fisher

Guest: 20 July 2022

Taru describes herself as an irreverent, sometimes inspiring, woman who has lived a life many say should be the subject of a book. And she’s working on that. She has a wacky sense of humor that helps her and people she comes in contact with to see the humor in situations. We all need a good laugh!

She’s also Co-Founder and CFO of Alive! Fitness Studio in Placitas, New Mexico. Alive! is truly a labor of love for both herself and her husband.

One of Taru’s roles at Alive! has been to create Seasons of Life Coaching.  She works in partnership with women in transition to create a new life of their own choosing. She’s been there and done that;  she knows what it takes! She also has a plethora of resources from which to draw to aid in these life transitions. Her latest role and one she is most passionate about is that of a Healer Certified Medical Cannabis Wellness Advisor. Medical Cannabis saved her life and she wants to share her education and knowledge to help others understand this superb plant medicine. This is her life’s work.

Jennifer Hammer

Guest:  13 July 2022

Jennifer Hammer is the director of strategic partnerships for Silvernest.  She’s passionate about finding ways to help people stay in their homes, exploring options for affordable housing, and building relationships with communities and companies that support the aging population across the nation. Jennifer focuses on collaborating and partnering with nonprofit and government entities.

Before joining Silvernest, Jennifer assisted people overwhelmed by hoarding, downsizing and/or moving out of their homes. She is a former 20-year Navy spouse and Ombudsman, a certified teacher and has experience in the mortgage industry.

After her two children left for college, Jennifer began sharing her home with a housemate, giving her a very personal and unique understanding of the benefits and challenges of homesharing. Jennifer loves to bake, road bike, travel and be outdoors (preferably by the water!)

Lisa Ann Schreier

Guest: 06 July 2022

Lisa Ann Schreier has been participating in the timeshare community since 1998. Her entree was as a timeshare salesperson and manager at a number of established Orlando area resorts. She grew increasingly frustrated with the antiquated marketing and high pressure sales techniques that were (and sadly still are) the norm in the industry.

As a catalyst for positive change, she wrote ‘Surviving A Timeshare Presentation… Confessions From The Sales Table’ and ‘Timeshare Vacations For Dummies.’ In addition, she co-authored the definitive college level textbook on timeshare. She is a frequent contributor to major media outlets and a sought after speaker at consumer advocacy groups.

She provides content to  SeniorNews.com, is on the Advisory Board of  ConsumerAffairs.com where she ensures that information is unbiased, accurate and helpful for consumers.  She is also the lead timeshare advocate at  Elliott.org and a featured blogger on  RockStarFinance.com.

Her ‘tell it like it is’ blog covering timeshare issues is an essential source of critical information that continues to both alert consumers to the myriad of less than reputable companies and practices as well as providing insights to the industry of how to improve the timeshare experience.

Lee St. James

Guest: 29 June 2022

Lee St James is the founder and president of Social Robots. She is passionate about the
opportunity for robots to relieve social isolation, boredom, and loneliness for older adults.

Her vision is to support the mental health of residents and staff in assisted living by
leveraging technology to help people be more connected with each other.

As a tech-savvy consultant and entrepreneur with over 25 years of business experience,
Lee was most recently the General Manager and Vice-President of a design studio that
developed robot apps for banking and automotive. She founded Social Robots in 2019 after seeing first-hand the impact of social isolation on her father as he struggled with Lewy-Body dementia.

She has an Honors Business degree from Western University in London, Ontario and an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France.

Sharon Glassman

Guest:  22 June 2022

Sharon Glassman is an introverted, Brooklyn, NY fashion writer turned Colorado designer and songwriter of Smile Songs cards and gifts that sing.

Her lifetime of professional storytelling experience is reflected in the design of every product she creates, from their adorable graphics and encouraging messages to the song she handcrafts to amplify their good feels. 

Sharon lives with her husband in a town folks call the Brooklyn of Boulder.

Liz Dube

Guest: 15 June 2022

Liz Dube (sounds like Doobay), a Certified Sex Therapist, Coach and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, loves working with people who want to better understand themselves sexually and feel sexually empowered. She’s helped thousands of men, women, and couples feeling stuck sexually and is working her ass off to save the world one bedroom at a time.
Through her use of humor, modeling healthy sexuality, and normalizing all sexual experiences and desires, she helps others break through sexual shame and barriers  – from sexual trauma, sex after pregnancy, unsatisfying sex, performance anxiety, or confusion about low sexual desire.

Her compassionate yet no bullshit approach empowers, engages, and encourages others to start creating the sex lives they deserve!

Dawn Mathis

Guest: 08 June 2022

As a Life Mastery Consultant, Dawn Mathis can help you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your Soul’s purpose.

Dawn inspires and empowers women to live their highest vision for their life in the context of love and joy. Her passion is teaching women to unlock their true potential, achieve extraordinary results, and live a life they LOVE living.

Dawn is an inspiring speaker, passionate educator, and a highly sought after transformation coach.

For over 30 years, Dawn has worked with students, medical clients, senior citizens, caregivers, and women of all ages helping them achieve their goals, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.

Lynne Bowman

Guest:  01 June 2022

Lynne Bowman has been featured at women’s expos throughout the country, teaming with actress Deidre Hall to write and publish Deidre Hall’s Kitchen Closeup (2010) and Deidre Hall’s How Does She Do It? (2012). She won national awards as a creative director for Silicon Valley companies, was Creative Director at E&J Gallo Winery, Advertising Manager at RedKen Laboratories, wrote copy for agencies in San Jose, Los Angeles, and New York, and has also worked as an actress, makeup artist, screenwriter, illustrator, legal journalist and television Weather Person.

She is the author of  BROWNIES FOR BREAKFAST – A Cookbook for Diabetics and The People Who Love Them, a cookbook you’ll actually enjoy reading and using. Frank, complete, simple: favorite sweets and comfort foods, reimagined as whole food, plantbased,
sugar-free, low-carb, dairy-free, gluten-free classics.

Lynne has three grown children, two grandchildren, and is president of The Pescadero Foundation. She and her husband have a small farm on the coast of Northern California.

Anna Maria DiDio

Guest: 25 May 2022

Anna Maria DiDio, MSW is an adoptive mother and was inspired to write her memoir, Love at the Border, An Adoption Adventure after her own family journey to Mexico.  Now her L.I.F.E.* Adventures children’s books feature stories about adoption, foster care, stepchildren, and all blended families from the point of view of the child. Anna Maria hopes that her books encourage open and honest exploration about what children are thinking and feeling within their own unique family. Anna Maria holds a BA in Psychology from Villanova University and an MSW in Family Specialization from the University of Pennsylvania.  Anna Maria’s professional career includes work as an HR consultant, coaching senior leaders across many industries and serving as a trusted advisor on all human capital matters. Her areas of expertise include: Executive Coaching, Facilitation/Mediation, Employee Relations, Performance Management and Leadership Development. She is also a past president of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) – Philadelphia Chapter, a certified Senior HR Professional (SPHR), and a Certified Benefits Specialist (CEBS). Anna Maria is currently active in several non-profit organizations including president of Women International Leaders (WIL) of Greater Philadelphia, providing microfinance loans and grants to women living in poverty, and Impact100 which provides grants to the Philadelphia nonprofit community. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Richard. *Love Inspires Families Everywhere

Debbie Flynn

Guest: 18 May 2022

Hi, I’m Debbie Flynn.  

In my 30 years of professional design and photography experience, I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve photographed people, wildlife, nature and travel. I’ve taken portraits of everyone from loving families to the top executives of newly listed companies at the TSX and even photographed 2 of the only 3 women Westjet pilots, at the time, sitting in the cockpit of a brand new plane in the Westjet hanger.

I’ve been part of a women’s photography collective, femme foto, who had major exhibitions. I have 20 years experience as a healing practitioner and brought this to the portraits I created bringing out the essence of families and business people.  

Beyond taking photos, I’ve worked as a freelance magazine writer and corporate communication’s designer, a photography instructor at Vancouver Island University, and now I teach online, bringing the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered to people all over the world.  

More than anything , I understand how much these photos mean to you and your family, and the story they tell is the story closest to your heart. 

Martha Tettenborn

Guest:  11 May 2022

Martha Tettenborn RD is a Registered Dietitian and certified Primal Health Coach with over 30 years of experience working in many areas of nutrition. She currently works in long term care with a focus on nursing homes and gerontology. Her private health coach practice, The Cancer Doula, promotes a low-carb, whole-foods-based approach to disease prevention and cancer symptom management.

When diagnosed with Stage 1 ovarian cancer, Martha began exploring the research of the disease and discovered the science of cancer metabolism. This led her to develop and use a protocol of ketogenic diet with targeted therapeutic fasting to significantly impact her response to chemotherapy. Inspired by her own journey, Martha wants to help others see cancer differently – as an experience that will give you strength, wisdom, and more love for your body and life than ever before. Her experience, strategies and resources, plus the science behind them, are outlined in her book Hacking Chemo: Using Ketogenic Diet, Therapeutic Fasting and a Kickass Attitude to Power Through Cancer.

A featured speaker at the Low Carb Long Weekend Summit and on numerous podcasts, Martha shares her knowledge as a dietitian and experience as a cancer patient to inform others about the power of metabolic interventions to support conventional cancer treatment. Martha also instructs courses teaching the ketogenic approach to cancer treatment for the Nutrition Network and Udemy.

A cancer survivor since 2018, Martha is an avid hiker, cyclist, live theatre backstage crew member and a wannabe world adventurer. She lives on the beautiful Bruce Peninsula in central Ontario, Canada with her husband Mike, a noisy cockatiel named Ziggy, and a flock of backyard chickens. Learn more at marthatettenborn.com.


Carissa Kazyss

Guest: 04 May 2022

Carissa Kazyss is a Caravan Guide, writer, community builder and consultant living in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada. Carissa brings a MA in Integral Psychology and more than a decade of training with Daniel Goodenough. She has led numerous Caravan Conversation Club groups and continues to be inspired by The Caravan of Remembering as an important resource for our times. As co-founder of The Caravan of Remembering Enterprise. Carissa is deeply honoured and inspired to support people on their life mission journeys, for the change is makes in each of us and in the world. www.caravanofremembering.com

Connect with her at LinkedIn for more about her background:    



Alissa Locke

Guest: 27 April 2022

Alissa Locke went from being a divorced and broke single mom in her 30s to being financially able to retire in her early 50s! Her financial transformation happened because she mastered both her mindset and behavior with money. She’s now part of the Financial Coaching team of Money Mentor Group, which helps people understand their money mindset,  pay off debt, create a budget that respects how they want to live, and become financially confident.
In addition to being a certified Money Coach, Alissa is a certified Financial Literacy Educator. She is a sought after speaker on podcasts, for conferences and workshops.

Alison Bladh

Guest:  20 April 2022

Alison Bladh a registered Nutritional Therapist who is passionate about empowering women to reclaim their health through realistic evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

Alison was lucky enough to grow up on a farm in Southern England which gave her a great love for nature and the outdoor life and on top of that her mother was a professional chef who allowed her, from a very young age, to help and watch her in the kitchen. This was the beginning of her love for food.

She’s travelled extensively and lived in different parts of the world. This has given her the opportunity to experience different cultures, cuisines and lifestyles.

Alison works very closely with her clients to ensure that they take positive steps to a healthier life. Clients often lack confidence and may often feel very daunted at the prospect of making changes. As a nutritional therapist, she supports and gives her clients the tools to be able to maintain long-term health with renewed confidence and enthusiasm.She combines her understanding, enthusiasm and passion with her love of food to help people become the best versions of themselves.


Rev. Jeffrey Ryan

Guest: 13 April 2022

Rev. Jeffrey Ryan is the Senior Minister of Riverside Center for Spiritual Living in Riverside, CA. Grounded in spiritual principle, he delivers messages in a fun, relaxed and relatable way. He lovingly and playfully calls people to higher consciousness on a regular basis. 



T Kari Mitchell

Guest: 06 April 2022

T. Kari Mitchell (TK) is an integrative health coach, motivational speaker, author, spiritual leader, and founder of Lifestyle 120, a transformational wellness business.

After overcoming her own health challenges, TK rededicated her life to preparing women for living a vibrant, authentic life. 

Her Sprout Your New Life empowerment program shows women how to apply spiritual principles to daily living experiences so they can flourish in their golden years. 

TK publishes a weekly blog and weekly YouTube video, and is the author of Sip the Garden: Fun, Easy Drinks for a Healthier FamilyShe also offers classes on reclaiming your health, confidence, purpose, and power. To learn more, please visit lifestyle120.com.

Kim McIntyre

Guest: 30 March 2022

Kim McIntyre is a Joyful Living Teacher who shows people how to laugh more and stress less, so they can enjoy life NOW.

Over the last 20 years Kim has taught thousands of people how to crack themselves up and feel like happy dancing! She helps people to reclaim joy and savor the sweetness of life — even if they’ve been through unexpected tough times that have knocked the wind out of their sails.

After rediscovering her joyful self during a health challenge, she has shared her mission of joy & laughter with a wide variety of groups and online through her Joyful Being® Academy and her YouTube channel. 

Laura Brandao

Guest: 23 March 2022

Laura J. Brandao is the President and only woman partner of American Financial Resources, Inc., a national mortgage lender. With a lengthy list of accolades, including the Most Influential Businesswoman to Watch in 2021, Laura is a coveted speaker and best-selling author, inspiring audiences with her positivity and passion. 

 Laura built a successful business, and felt she started living into her purpose once she said “YES!” to stepping out from behind her desk and away from her daily routine. She learned that if you go into every situation with no preconceived notions or expectations, you can do ANYTHING!

 Laura is the Chair of Women With Vision and the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America’s Visionary program, as well as serving on the boards of Mortflix and the Mortgage Bankers Association of NJ, chairing it’s women’s committee. She is also the founder and host of the Thrive Thursday Facebook Live series. 

Laura shares her infectious passion to inspire, encourage and empower people to rise up to be their best selves, so they can live their greatest lives.


Patti Bevilacqua

Guest: 16 March 2022

In September 1989, Patti started her dream job, teaching high school physical education and planned to teach PE until she retired. However, five months later, before the end of her first year of teaching, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Ten years later, she left the only job she ever wanted due to worsening symptoms of MS.

Fourteen years later, Patti still wandered through life; she desperately wanted to serve others again and make a difference in their lives. Patti found her second calling after much trial and error, empowering women to live each day with MS as their higher selves.

First, Patti created a fast-growing FaceBook community; MS stands for Mindset Shift. In this group, women find a safe place to explore and ask questions about multiple sclerosis. Next, Patti enrolled in the Thought-Leader program to learn how to apply, land, and market a TEDx Talk. Third, Patti accepted an invitation to join a 12-month mentorship program, 100 Most Powerful Women. While participating in this program Patti plans to launch a new website, ”fearless WITH ms” which will offer a membership program for women with MS.  Last, Patti was accepted into the International Society of Female Professionals, one of the world’s leading professional associations for women.                                                                    

Recently, Patti wrote a chapter with 21 other women from seven continents for a book, Absolute Will. This book shares the personal journeys of how these women faced significant challenges and endured to live joyful and purposeful lives. The book is available on Amazon in eBook and paperback versions.

Patti is a dedicated MS Influencer, coach, consultant, speaker, and author.


Clarissa Kristjansson

Guest: 09 March 2022

Clarissa Kristjansson Ph.D. is an internationally recognized menopause educator. She is widely regarded as the go-to source for the holistic health aspects of menopause.

Clarissa speaks worldwide on the positive and transformative nature of this life transition. She is the host of the popular Thriving Thru Menopause podcast and author of the bestseller The Mindful Menopause. Her second book, “The Potent Power of Menopause: A Globally Diverse Perspective of Feminine Transformation, ” will be published in March 2022.

In addition, she has written more than 100 articles for media in the UK, Australia, India, and US.


Hema Murty

Guest: 02 March 2022

Author of Professional Woman’s Guide to Handling Stress, Listed in Who’s Who in the World, an advanced yoga instructor, certified online personal trainer, nutrition coach and expert in East Indian Philosophy, Hema has a keen interest in training the complete being, rather than just the physical body.

She is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach, graduate of Online Trainer Academy,  Can-Fit-Pro PTS, kettlebell, TRX™, Spinning™ and Masala Bhangra™ certified instructor and has undergone intensive training in India at the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Institute. She has also completed an advanced Yoga Therapy course with Svastha Yoga. Hema regularly gives workshops on wellness to workplaces in the Ottawa area and is a regular presenter at fitness conferences.

She is currently coaching clients through her online coaching platform www.getshanti.com for newsletter signup and www.getshanti.ca for programs.


Christora Osters

Guest: 23 February 2022

Christora Osters is an international wedding photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky.  When she first picked up a camera while teaching abroad in China, her approach was to learn as much as she possibly could through YouTube channels and bugging others who she looked up to. From this stemmed a beautiful new career path. 
Self-taught, Christora credits her success to always wanting to know more while recognizing the growth she has seen along the way.  With speaking engagements and online courses, she has also begun to serve those who were in a similar position to herself those 9 years ago. 
Christora has been featured in the Knot, Brides Magazine, and Fearless Photographers among many others and was named a top 3 wedding photographer in the world for 2021.  
Her philosophy is to create stress-free wedding days that allow couples to be truly present in the most important moments of their lives.  By helping couples enjoy their day, she allows them to be truly genuine which in turn brings about authentic, epic imagery.  
In her spare time, she loves to travel, golf, read, and play with her pup.


Heather Prince

Guest: 16 February 2022

I’m Heather and I’ve stood where you are! Maybe not in the exact spot, but I can guarantee you I’ve certainly encountered my own fair share of professional and personal successes and challenges and I’ve even learnt to enjoy riding the waves!

At 50 years old, my ex said he needed space and it wasn’t me, it was him and he left, after 34 years together! From there I knew that his words were purely subjective and that I could either choose to play the victim or I could choose to take action and whole-heartedly believe that I could and I would prove to myself that I could live the life I wanted! Yet, these experiences often make us grow stronger and to this day ironically I am ever grateful.

I also learnt that in order to truly succeed, you need the right support network and tribe behind you in order to challenge negativity, fear and judgement. For me it was my family and friends. For you I will be your most supportive cheerleader and help you overcome the challenges to celebrating each success with you! Through these experiences your confidence will grow and you’ll begin to believe in yourself no matter what anyone else says or what life throws at you!


Jacqueline Gates

Guest: 09 February 2022

“Be the Leading Lady of your Own Damn Life” is more of a mission statement than a tag line for Jacqueline Gates.

She is a force. Glamorous, Sweet, Funny… Caring, Strong and Smart. After spending time with her, one might ask if Jacqueline was created for the theatre, or if the theatre was created for Jacqueline.

She presents a Philosophy that is all Jacqueline… with so many theatre analogies that you want the curtain to rise so you can embrace that philosophy on your own stage.  It sounds like the theatre, but it hits home and real life, and will give you hope that we can all be the Star of our own lives, the Protagonist in the story of our lives.

Thrift Stores to Champagne – Jacqueline embraces it all.  Nesting… Nexting… Living As If… Jacqueline  addresses the inside stuff and the outside stuff.

Two thought-provoking statements:

  1. ‘Any ‘Before’ picture is never EVER a less-than. IT’S SIMPLY A ‘BEFORE’.”
  2. “Success as evidence, not an event”.

Mid-age women are at a time now that their grandmothers would have sold their souls for… so get curious about how good life could be, and what that might look like.



Alexis Burnett

Guest: 26 January 2022 & February 02 2022

Alexis Burnett is a naturalist, tracker, herbalist and nature connection mentor who lives on traditional land of the Three Fires Confederacy, home of the Anishinabek Nation also called Grey County, Ontario Canada. He lives with his wife and 2 kids on Rebel Roots Herb Farm where they grow, sell and ethically wildcraft more than 50 medicinal plants using organic and regenerative farming practices to produce high quality herbs and herbal medicines. Their farm is also home to Earth Tracks Outdoor School. Earth Tracks courses and apprenticeship programs include learning how to foraging for edible and medicinal plants, herbalism, naturalist training, wildlife tracking, bird language, bush craft skills and nature connection programming for children and adults.

After the legalization of cannabis in Canada, Alexis founded OrganiGrow Canada, focusing on providing high-quality cannabis education from a place of true experience. They specialize in teaching people how to grow cannabis using beyond organic and regenerative methods from seed to harvest and how to make high quality herbal medicine using this master plant. OrganiGrow Canada and Rebel Roots Herb Farm is a DEM Pure certified farm and is committed to caretaking the land and building healthy communities both in the natural and human world.

Alexis is also one of the founders of the Heartwood Gathering, an annual celebration of plants that takes place annually over 3 days each summer in Ontario Canada.


Jill Thiry

Guest: 18 January 2022

Jill has been on a lifelong journey as a “student of change.” Her first job in the recreation industry was teaching aerobic dance and swimming and then directing the department at the YWCA in Madison, Wisconsin, which was followed by teaching kayaking and skiing in the Alps . Completing her MBA at USF brought a fun, decades-long run in high-tech publishing, creating and managing many brands in the Bay Area and New York. After 9/11 and a transformative week-long stay at Rancho La Puerta in 2002, she discovered the importance of mindful practice in making choices for her life.  Creating easily identified tasks to ensure desired changes and outcomes started with annual retreats with her family and evolved into an 8-step process for and with friends. The effectiveness of the program became clearly evident with zoom sessions during the pandemic.  This success spurred her on to launch Club Change, where participants support each another in making the necessary choices to enhance their bodies, minds, spirits, and communities.  When Jill is not leading Club Change Zoom events, she guides guests at Rancho La Puerta  through the docent program and teaches chant, swimming, hiking pole use, and intention setting and practicing.


Lou Hooper

Guest: 12 January 2022

Lou is a vegan which is a lifestyle that she began due to health issues and the desire to become healthier, but also, she wanted to be more cruelty-free and eco-friendly. It’s a lifestyle that has worked for her for the past six years. But, as Lou well knows, transitioning to this vegan/plant-based lifestyle is not always easy for people – it often involves a heavy sense of overwhelm, self-doubt and a feeling of being on one’s own.

This is why the next step in Lou’s future was to start a new business called, Vegan Vagabonds, and to develop an online learning experience for the vegan/plant-based curious or those just starting on this eating regime. Her online course, “The Vegan Journey: A Beginner’s Pathway” includes tips, tools, recipes and support – all the elements that will guide others on an easier path to becoming plant-based/vegan eaters, and in turn, offer a positive impact on their lives, the lives of animals and our environment.


Bobbi Kahler

Guest: 05 January 2022

An entrepreneur since the age of 34, Bobbi has led workshops for thousands of people, and she has worked with some of the most recognizable brands on the planet. During that time, she has coached upwards of 3000 people.  At the heart of it all, she is a servant of anyone seeking personal growth and transformation.  Both her undergrad and graduate degrees were fueled by her passion for helping others achieve personal transformation and the belief that we can write our own life story.  She was recently profiled in an article for Yahoo News, Thrive Global and Influencive.   She is the author of Travels of the Heart: Developing Your Inner Leader, she was a contributing author to the Amazon and NY Times best-selling book, Masters of Success, and she is the host of her podcast: UnYielded: Thriving No Matter What.